‘Gluten-Free’ and ‘Crafted To Remove Gluten’ – what’s the difference?!

‘Gluten-Free’ and ‘Crafted To Remove Gluten’ – what’s the difference?!

If you work in the international gluten-free industry, then the chances are you have come across the term ‘Crafted To Remove Gluten’, in relation to beer.

It is a difference that has an interesting story and was very confusing to us as producers of an award winning European gluten-free beer.

For the sake of simplicity we will compare the UK and US.

Brewing can be naturally gluten-free or via gluten removal:

The first step to understanding this difference contrast is to know the different ways of producing a beer that those with a gluten intolerance or allergy may be able to enjoy.

The initial option is to brew a beer with ‘non gluten containing ingredients’ (NGCI) such as sorghum or rice, rather than the traditional barley malt (which contains gluten).  The other key beer ingredients – hops and water are NCGI so no issues there. 

In our case with CELIA lager this choice of ingredients is simply not an option as our traditional batch brewing of pilsners adheres to the ‘Reinheitsgebot’ collection of rules which are primarily based on a 1516 Bavarian law that the only ingredients that could be used in the production of beer were waterbarley and hops.

Since substituting barley as one of the ingredients is not a choice, the only other option is to remove the gluten during production.  This is where the phrase ‘Crafted To Remove Gluten’ originates.  One method is to use an off the shelf product called Clarex.  For a premium, craft organic lager like CELIA this was deemed not to be suitable for our 10 week traditional batch brewing and therefore a more tailored solution was required which led us to develop our own patented enzymatic process.

The technical part:

Once the gluten has been removed, each beer batch has to be tested by an independent third party for its gluten content.   This is typically done with the R5 competitive ELISA test.

The gluten content is measured in parts per million (ppm) and EU regulations state that products with a gluten content of <20 ppm can be classified as gluten-free. CELIA is consistently <5ppm.

The US FDA, however takes a different view to the EU and deems that for fermented products (i.e. beer) there are no currently available validated methods that can be used to accurately determine if these foods contain < 20 ppm gluten.  This is of course a different scientific and technical viewpoint to the EU authorities.

This means that a product such as CELIA that removes the gluten must be labeled under US rules as ‘Crafted To Remove Gluten’.

So there we have it – a modern day scientific disagreement that has implications for manufacturers and consumers.  Below is an illustrative example of what this difference means for product labeling:

US front label compared to UK front label

#BREWEDFORFOOD - Enjoy CELIA at Le Pain Quotidien


CELIA is hand crafted in the world's most famous hop region in The Czech Republic. We put a lot of love, time & care into our lager, just like artisan bakers Le Pain Quotidien do with their bread.

CELIA is proud stocked by Belgian bakers and restauranteurs Le Pain Quotidien.

Le Pain Quotidien are all about taking time to prepare, knead and bake their bread to perfection. Using only the best ingredients, it's the care they put into their food that keeps people coming back to their table as part of the Le Pain family. 


We are proud that you can enjoy CELIA at Le Pain Quotidien. The aromatic nature of Saaz hops with their floral spice mean that CELIA really compliments food.

Much like Le Pain’s bakers who craft everything to perfection, CELIA is hand crafted in a 14th century castle and open fermented for fourteen days which is how it gets its natural carbonation. This is why CELIA is smoother and lighter than other beers and is another reason why it is great with food.

To help you make the most of your meal, the CELIA team have picked out a selection of dishes to enjoy with CELIA when you’re eating at Le Pain:

Mushroom Toast; field, chestnut, porcini, creme fraiche, chives, Dijon mustard, toasted organic brioche.

Roasted Vegetables Salad; with mixed leaves, basil oil and goat’s cheese.

Le Pain's Charcuterie Board:

Chorizo & Potato Frittata; made with organic eggs and served with a seasonal mixed leaf salad.

Why not pop into Le Pain Quotidien and see how well CELIA goes with their dishes for yourself?



CELIA Dark Launch Party


As you may or may not know, we recently launched a brand new beer!

Introducing CELIA Dark; a beautifully smooth, traditional Czech lager.

We wanted to explore the different flavour notes of CELIA Dark - specifically, it's burnt caramel aroma.

So we partnered with boutique chocolate shop Melt Chocolateswho make their own fresh caramel delights. Their head chocolatier made us a whole host of CELIA Dark goodies for our launch party...

We started the evening with delicious CELIA Dark cocktails in martini glasses drizzled with white chocolate and blended with coffee for a wonderfully intense flavour hit!

We then had 3 different chocolate and CELIA tastings including a 65%, a 76% and a 100% dark chocolate.

Next, everyone got stuck into our CELIA Dark macarons with CELIA Dark ganache and our special CELIA Dark Caramels....

 The CELIA Dark was flowing throughout the event and it's safe to say we all welcomed CELIA Dark in true CELIA style.

If you haven't tried CELIA Dark yet make sure you keep in touch with us by signing up for our newletters here to find out about stockists, future events, offers & more!



CELIA Dark is coming... Come & party with CELIA!


We are thrilled to announce a new arrival to the CELIA family; CELIA Dark.

Densely black with an almost ruby red hue, high carbonation & dense head.  Distinct coffee like, nutty, rye bread aroma. Thick & chewy on the palate with a toasted malt character

We will be launching our new dark beer by having the ultimate CELIA Dark tasting experience! We’re taking you on a decadent trip across the flavour notes of CELIA Dark, guaranteed to satisfy even the sweetest of teeth…

First you’ll explore buttery, rich MELT caramels - choose from delicate vanilla or zingy passionfruit! Then, titillate your tastebuds with bitter coffee in our delicious Dark dessert cocktails. Next we’ll guide you through a CELIA Dark and chocolate tasting featuring delights from Ecuador and Madagascar, including a devilishly dark 100% chocolate. The indulgence will continue as we tempt you with a chewy bite of heaven from our macaroons with CELIA Dark ganache.

Last, but in no way least, you’ll finish on a sweet high thanks to a limited edition exclusive, our very own CELIA Dark caramels.

Everything is 100% gluten-free.

Tickets to the event are free but limited, register for your ticket here.


#BREWEDFORFOOD - Enjoy CELIA at The Cock Hemingford


CELIA is proud to be Brewed For Food. The aromatic Saaz hops used to make our delicious, refreshing beer are aromatic with a slight spice which truly compliments quality food. Plus, because CELIA is naturally carbonated and gluten-free, it's much smoother and doesn't have the heavy feeling of most other beers. Making for a truly light, refreshing pilsner with a beautifully floral Saaz hop hit.

You can now enjoy CELIA at The Cock Pub and Restaurant in the heart of the beautiful village of Hemingford Grey.

Crowned 2015 Cambridgeshire Dining Pub of the Year (Good Pub Guide) - and having been awarded the same title 8 times previous to this - their menu is guided by the seasons which ensures the utmost freshness and quality.


We highly recommend trying their delicious, premium, homemade gluten-free sausages with your perfectly chilled bottle of CELIA Lager.

Made from 100% pork these gourmet sausages also come in three delicious flavours Pork & Herb; Pork, Cheese & Pickle and Pork, Leek & Mustard.

The Cock is dedicated to providing a high-quality, gluten-free offering. The staff are able to advise on any allergies or food intolerances and you can view their full gluten-free menu here.

We love hearing about your dining experiences at our CELIA Stockists, be sure to tweet at us with your top meal tips and experiences @CELIALager with #BREWEDFORFOOD



National Beer Day


CELIA Marinated Chicken Wings

As CELIA is #BREWEDFORFOOD we have created a recipe for some delicious CELIA chicken wings for you to enjoy alongside your CELIA today on National Beer Day.

1 bottle of CELIA

6 chicken wings

1 onion

1 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper

1/2 teaspoon celery salt 

2 tablespoons gluten-free soy sauce

1/2 tablespoon honey

1/2 teaspoon of chilli flakes

Marinate the chicken wings with salt, pepper, chilli flakes, soy, honey & 100ml of CELIA

Finely chop the onion & fry with a knob of butter, cook until golden brown. Add a splash of CELIA & cook down.When the liquid has been soaked into the onions, turn up the heat, add some oil & the chicken wings.

Brown them lightly on a medium heat for 4 mins each side.Add 100ml of CELIA & cook for a further 5 mins until the sauce is reduced

Enjoy alongside a nicely chilled bottle of CELIA



CELIA Pancake Love


Happy Pancake Day CELIA drinkers!

At CELIA HQ when we do pancakes, we do them right. Meet our CELIA Lager pancakes...

Why not try making them yourself tonight?


CELIA Lager Pancakes

100g Gluten-Free Flour 30g Buckwheat Flour1 Egg (beaten)250ml CELIA Lager40 g Butter (melted)1 tsp Baking Power1 tsp Sugar 1 Pinch of Salt1 tsp Sunflower Oil

Put the flour, baking powder, salt, sugar in a bowl then add the butter, eggs and beer. Whisk together.

Heat a pan, add the oil then ladle on some of your mixture. When bubbles appear on top of the pancake, flip it and cook until golden brown.

For your topping, let your imagination work and mix your favourite ingredients. We suggest bacon, mushrooms, blue cheese and cheddar cheese.

Other CELIA favourites from the team include:

Black pudding & poached eggSteamed broccoli, cauliflower & cheddar


Valentine's Day Banquet


Whether you're all loved up or not, all are welcome at Le Pain Quotidien and CELIA Lager's Valentines Day Banquet!

On Saturday February 14th we're offering you the chance to find true love or least enjoy some great food and conversation along the way!

Join Le Pain Quotidien and CELIA Lager as we sit down at Le Pain Quotidien's famous communal tables to mingle and chat over delicious sharing platters and some nicely chilled CELIA.

 The gluten-free options will include: Hummus Menage et Trois Canapés, Smoked Atlantic Salmon Salad, Detox Salad, Mozzarella di Bufalo Salad, Fruit salad and, of course, CELIA lager.

Tickets are £20 per person.

Book by contacting each restaurant directly:

 westfield@lepainquotidien.co.uk | borough@lepainquotidien.co.uk | coventgarden@lepainquotidien.co.uk

Full menu below:

Glass of Prosecco

Starters to share: Salmon Tartine | Chicken ClubTartine | Ménage a Trois (vegan)

Mains: British Steak & West Country Ale Stew | Chicken Cassoulet | Quinoa Cake (vegan) | Kick Start Salad (vegan)

Dessert: Salted Caramel Chocolate Heart | Cocoa & Pear Cake Slice (vegan) | Tarte Tatin


Happy New Year from CELIA!


Happy New Year CELIA drinkers! 

Now that Christmas is over, New Years resolutions are dwindling and most of us are feeling the severe winter chill, it's easy to get a case of the January blues.

Fear not!

The CELIA team are here to help banish the gloom this coming year with brilliant offers, exciting events and super brand partnerships.

We've got you covered so make sure you don't miss out on anything...

To be kept in the know, sign up to our newsletter here, 'Like' us on Facebook here and 'Follow' us on Twitter here!

That way you'll be kept up to date with all the good stuff from CELIA HQ

We look forward to 2015 and hope you'll join us in a small on-line toast:

To all of you who enjoy CELIA as much as we do and to an incredible 2015




The Craft Food Series: Spiced Winter Warmer


Last night saw the last event in The Craft Food Series: Spiced Winter Warmer.

This festive themed foodie event was centred on a menu that was specially designed to warm our diners now that winter is in full flow!

Think hearty portions, spicy flavours and... steamy vibes!

The starters were Risotto Cakes (made with Riso Gallo Rice) with delicate, buttery Mushrooms and Smoked Duck Carpaccio.

The main courses included wonderfully succulent Confit Turkey with Sweet Potato Mash & Traditional Czech Stuffing...

We also served up a delicious Smoked Ham Hock with Roast Sweet Potato & Spicy Apple Compote and Nut & Spinach Roast With Creamy Mushroom Sauce.

Our mouth watering desserts included a Spiced Berry Crumble with Cinnamon Ice Cream and a wonderfully boozy Chocolate Fondant with CELIA Caramel Sauce and Crème Anglais!

Needless to say, these puddings were devoured very quickly.

We also had devilishly hot Michelada cocktails! Think Bloody Mary with more of a chilli kick, topped with CELIA Lager!

It was a glorious finish to The Craft Food Series, a trio of pop-up events that celebrated delicious food paired with great craft beer! We look forward to continuing the series next year with more exciting events, stay tuned!




You may not know but CELIA & NO G are planning a delicious Twisted Afternoon Tea on Sunday 14th December 2014!

NO G pride themselves on light, delicate, delicious gluten-free pies and tarts made with premium ingredients.

We’ll be sticking it to the man with our rather un-traditional afternoon tea. There will be no sandwiches or scones! Instead we'll be serving a decadent miniature feast including everything from delicious mini blue cheese soufflés to steak & ale pies to blueberry cheesecakes.

There will be boozy, tea inspired pilsner cocktails made with CELIA lager: Choose from Winter Berries, Mint or Earl Grey all served in vintage teapots.

Plus, as it’s the season to be jolly, we’re including a bonus course on us consisting of homemade mince pies with brandy butter.

It's only £15 per person & you can buy tickets here

We decided to journey to NO G's magical Riverside Bakery in Nottingham to explore the wonderful world of NO G and see them work their pastry magic firsthand!

The first thing we were greeted by was the super cool vintage NO G Van which is used for NO G sampling tours around the UK. It's a thing of beauty!

Then it was time to get into suitable attire so that we could go behind the scenes at the bakery. Check out those beard nets, pastry doesn't get sexier than that.

After our tour, it was time to head into the kitchen for some pie experimentation!

To celebrate CELIA & NO G's newly found friendship we decided to make some CELIA Lager & Steak pies. We even got to brand them with NO G's signature stamp.

These were the finished results which were deliciously rich and tasty. Check out that beautifully golden crust! They didn't last for very long.

We are very excited about our upcoming Twisted Afternoon Tea event with NO G.

Make sure you don't miss out!


The Craft Food Series: Burmese Graze


This week saw the second event in The Craft Food Series, Burmese Graze – a night of fragrant Burmese curries paired perfectly with aromatic CELIA Lager.

 For Burmese Graze we partnered with talented Burmese chef and founder of Love Club Suppers Cordelia Peel.

Love Club Suppers started with a home-based supper club and has grown to offer dining experiences in interesting and unique locations as well as private catering. With largely Asian inspired menus, the dishes combine powerful flavours with attention to texture and presentation. Love Club Suppers aims stimulate your senses from the moment you arrive, with thought paid to every detail of your dining experience.

Diners had a choice of two starters from either Chargrilled Aubergine & Peanut Salad or Burmese Chicken Salad. Both were jam packed full of exciting, punchy, Asian flavours!

The next course included melt in the mouth Beef Curry, Salmon Curry in a tangy tomato sauce and Zesty Red Lentil and Okra Chana Dal.

The night came to a decadent close with beautifully hand crafted desserts: Coconut Pana Cotta with Mango Coulis & Raspberries and Mango Sorbet with Dark Chocolate, Caramelized Pistachios & Mint. 

Of course we served up some refreshing CELIA cocktails made with extra lime and mint to compliment the bold Asian flavours from the dishes!

All hail The Craft Food Series!

Make sure you don’t miss out on our last event Spiced Winter Warmer.

Find out more and buy tickets for it here!


The Craft Food Series: Hop Infusion


Last night we had the first event in our trio of pop-ups events otherwise known as The Craft Food Series.

We kicked off the series with Hop Infusion.

Hop Infusion was a joint event with our House Of CELIA Vozars and brand partner Riso Gallo. It featured a menu where every dish was infused with CELIA lager.

There was New Zealand Lamb w/ Rosemary Rocket Mash & a Beer Jus

Deliciously creamy Mushroom & Red Pepper Risotto - made with Riso Gallo rice.

...and Beef & Beer Goulash

There were also some titilating puds, including a CELIA Sundae which centred around a CELIA infused gelato (thanks to gelato wizards Lab G for making a beer dream a reality!).

We won't lie, it was epic.

We even had Hop Infused Pistachio Crème brûlée!

To help keep the beer cheer flowing we featured a special Cucumber Pilsner cocktail for the night which was made with CELIA Lager, cucumber, mint, lime & gin. It packed a seriously refreshing punch!

Not a bad opener for The Craft Food Series.

Make sure you don't miss out on the next event: Burmese Graze.

Buy tickets here.


The Craft Food Series


CELIA Lager, Vozars restaurant & Riso Gallo present The Craft Food Series: a trio of pop-up events celebrating delicious food & great craft beer.

The 1st Tuesday of every month from October to December.

Join us for The Craft Food Revolution; we’ll introduce you to exciting flavours never before experienced! These events will marry unique flavours with classic dishes giving you new taste sensations. Our chefs have created a whole host of delights from beer infused gelato to hop marinated Camembert.


Whether you’re a foodie, craft beer fan or just love to experiment – this is for you.

Hop Infusion | 7th October 2014 | 6.30pm @Vozars

Forget Oktoberfest, we’re giving you more than just beer and a sausage. This evening will feature a specially crafted menu where every dish contains craft beer - specifically CELIA Lager – even the dessert! Think traditional Czech beef goulash with a rich, hoppy gravy, Beer Roasted Lamb and Mushroom Risotto cooked in Pilsner Stock all accompanied by various spicy, bitter and sweet notes from the beer. There’ll also be a whole host of delicious pilsner cocktails ranging from refreshing Cucumber Breeze to Spicy Ginger Pils.

View the full menu here & buy tickets here: £28 – three courses & a bottle of CELIA Lager

Burmese Graze | 4th November 2014 | 6.30pm @Vozars

Curry and beer is a tried and tested combination but have you ever had traditional Burmese curry? We’re partnering with a Burmese chef to create a menu where each dish is paired with CELIA Lager (which uses Saaz hops - famous for their delicate spice and aromatic aroma) to introduce you to heaps of new flavours! From melt in the mouth lamb curries to zingy tamarind aubergine there’ll be something to suit all tastes.

Spiced Winter Warmer | 2nd December 2014 | 6.30pm @Vozars

This event will see a mix of beer infused dishes with a wintery, Christmas twist. It’s cold outside but we’ve got you covered with our uniquely created ‘warming’ menu – it’s guaranteed to heat you up! Featuring everything from boozy chocolate puds served with hot beer caramel sauce to mulled craft beer, spicy dishes with chestnuts and spice flavoured cocktails. It’s guaranteed to be all kinds of delicious!

Vozars is London’s first 100% gluten-free restaurant. Naturally, all these events will be gluten-free


Gourmet Burger Kitchen's Big Family Day Out


Did you know that CELIA is stocked in all branches of Gourmet Burger Kitchen? You can now grab an ice cold bottle of CELIA with your burger - a match made in heaven.

They also have an entirely gluten-free menu too if you're that way inclined ;)

As we are now part of GBK’s extended family we were invited to their Big Family Day out – a day full of pure magic that involved copious amounts of burgers, bouncy castles and games. The CELIA team can't resist the allure of a great burger so we went along to show some love to GBK and, needless to say, lots of merriment ensued.

First stop when we arrived was the GBK burger van to fuel up on meaty treats. Here is Nick enjoying his:

Some of the team then took part in an epic battle of strength, determination and skill, otherwise known as Tug Of War.

Next stop was the bouncy castle. We really wish we could say we’re ashamed of this next photo but we’re not, not even a bit.

After our time on the bouncy castle, some face painting occurred. We're not sure why...

All in all the CELIA team had a great time with our GBK buddies and are looking forward to seeing our extended family at GBK again next year for some more outdoor mayhem!

We'll leave you with this picture of Nick showing off his face paint.


Jenson Button Trust Triathlon 2014


CELIA Lager and CELIA inspired restaurant Vozars were the official suppliers of this year's Jenson Button Triathlon. Being involved with such an exciting event was an incredible experience and what made it even better was the summer sunshine we had on the day!

Here are the CELIA and Vozars teams at our stand.

As CELIA is organic, low calorie and gluten-free it made the perfect post-race treat for all the athletes who took part, including two-time IRONMAN World Champion Chris McCormack who enjoyed an ice cold, post-race bottle of CELIA.

Vozars served up delicious, healthy, gluten-free food which included Seared Tuna with Black Rice, Vegetable Stacks with Pesto and Duck Salad. All the dishes were served with a vibrant butternut squash and mixed leaf salad.

CELIA are lucky to work with some very talented designers: Blou and Rooi and Manter, who made us giant 3 litre labels for these amazingly enormous bottles of CELIA which all winners were given as prizes from Jenson Button.

Competing in a triathlon is thirsty, thirsty work and we took our mission, to keep everyone hydrated, very seriously (wink).

Here are the winners with Jenson Button and their giant CELIA prizes:

 CELIA and Vozars hope to be popping up at more events and festivals in the future.

Stay tuned!


CELIA at The Allergy & Free From Show


Last weekend the CELIA team were at The Allergy Show & Free From Show in London showcasing our delicious lager whilst meeting current and future CELIA-holics.

Dee's Wholefoods asked for a bottle of CELIA to use in a cooking demonstration they were doing. The dish they need CELIA for was 'Beer Battered Avocado Tacos' - yes, it does taste as great as it sounds!

CELIA tastes amazing in beer batter because it makes the batter really light and crispy as well as giving it that lovely Saaz hops flavour which is present in our lager. Find the recipe for these delicious tacos below:

Beer Battered Avocado Tacos (serves 4)

1 cup of CELIA lager

1 Cup of Gluten-Free Flour

Pinch of Salt

Pinch of Chilli Powder

Vegetable oil for frying

Gluten-free corn flour wraps

2 Avocados

2 Large Tomatoes

1 Onion

Lettuce (as much as you want)


Half a lime

Sprinkle of sugar

Half a green pepper

First make your salsa by chopping up the tomato, onion, lettuce, coriander and green pepper into small chunks. Then add the juice from the lime and the sugar and mix together.

Then put the flour, salt and chilli powder into a bowl and whisk in the CELIA. Try to keep whisking until the lumps from the flour are gone.

Cut your avocado into chunks then dip the chunks into the batter.  Heat your oil and when it’s hot put your beer battered avocado into the oil to fry. Try to make sure the pieces don’t stick together.

Fry until golden brown then remove them and put them onto a few sheets of kitchen roll to get rid of any excess oil.

Finally, get your wraps and heat them up. Then put some of the salsa and avocado on top of them, fold them up and tuck in! 


Brazil VS Mexico


Football fever has descended on London and what better way to celebrate than with delicious fusion food, CELIA lager and mouth-watering cocktails? CELIA Lager and Vozars wanted to host a tribute to “the beautiful game” in style so we let football mania take over our CELIA inspired restaurant - Vozars - for the night and put on a Brazil VS Meixico Pop-Up!

Obviously we showed the game and kept the CELIA flowing freely.

As our head chef is Brazilian he was able to draw on his heritage to create an authentic Brazilian menu as well as a Mexican menu specially for the night.

Here is one of the most popular dishes from the night, Picanha com Vinaigrette (Beef with onions, spices & tomato).

We also partnered up with spirit aficionados FAIR who supplied fruity and refreshing World Cup themed cocktails for the evening.

FAIR is not just your average spirit brand, they are the first brand of socially responsible spirits. They believe in Fairtrade and make sure that they pay their farmers at a fair price. This enables them to cover their production costs, live from farming, educate their children and build schools.

FAIR Vodka is the only vodka able to boast its exclusive manufacturing process as result of two years of R&D between Andean producers and Charentais distillers in order to obtain an exceptional tasting vodka, already acknowledged by several awards from all over the world.

Read more about FAIR in their blog here

Thanks from the CELIA, Vozars and FAIR team to everyone who came down to our pop-up. If you couldn't make it this time, make sure you come down to our next tasty event!


CELIA loves Father's Day (or any excuse to crack open a beer)


It’s Father’s Day again which means your dad gets one day of pure relaxation where you show him how much he really means to you. The team at CELIA love Father’s Day because it’s the perfect excuse to sit back, relax and enjoy a refreshing beverage and that’s exactly what we like to do!

CELIA lager is not your average lager. We are a premium Czech craft lager that is batch brewed and hand crafted to perfection. In other words, we take a lot of time to look after and care for our lager, just like you take care of your dad and that is what makes CELIA lager so special - it’s got a lot of love in it.

As well as being organic, we are naturally carbonated and gluten-free which gives our lager a truly light feel and makes it much smoother. Plus, thanks to the aromatic Saaz hops we use, our lager goes brilliantly with food.

Men’s Health recommends CELIA with grilled barbecue food, so, since the weather is heating up, why not surprise your dad this Father’s Day with a delicious barbecue feast? We suggest hand making some delicious venison burgers and serving those up with  homemade wedges and salad.

The team at CELIA also run a CELIA inspired restaurant in Brixton Village – Vozars – the recipe below is inspired by a burger dish from our menu but tweaked specially for your dad this Father’s Day.

For the Venison burgers (makes 4):

1 white onion 300g beef mince 300g venison mince 1 teaspoon of Rosemary Salt and pepper (season to taste) 4 burger buns

Finely dice the onion then mix everything together in a large bowl. Divide into four patties, then place on top of a barbecue griddle. Cook on the barbecue to your desired rareness then put into your burger buns with some salad to garnish.

For the wedges (serves 4):

4 large red potatoes Smoked Spanish Paprika Celery salt and pepper (season to taste) Rosemary and Thyme (season to taste) Vegetable oil (for frying)

Cut your potato into wedge shaped chunks and put them in some boiling water - boil until soft. Drain the water from your wedges, then fry the wedges in vegetable oil until golden brown.

For an extra special burger, get some of your dad’s favourite cheese, when the burger comes off the grill put some on top so it melts - for a truly indulgent finish!

We are running an exclusive Father's Day competition with Discoverations to WIN a case (24 bottles) of CELIA lager.

To be in with a chance of winning please follow us on twitter here and like us on Facebook here. Then simply send your name, address, phone number and email to Kat@celialager.co.uk with the name of the competition in the subject line.

Closing date is 15th June 2014.

Good Luck!


CELIA and Riso Gallo present: Risotto e Pivo


CELIA lager prides itself on being the perfect companion to quality food. To illustrate this, we teamed up with leading risotto and pasta brand Riso Gallo to host an evening celebrating decadent food and organic craft-Czech lager.

The event took place at The Truscott Arms, a beautiful gastro-pub in Maida Vale, and all of the food that evening was expertly cooked by Head Chef Barry Snook and his culinary skilled team.

Taking place during Coeliac Awareness Week (12th– 18th May 2014) this event marked our commitment to superior gluten-free products. All the dishes were 100% gluten-free and were aimed at proving that cooking gluten-free is in no way a restriction, rather an opportunity to widen your diet by exploring alternative foods and flavours. Furthermore, we wanted to show that a dining experience can be better gluten-free as it helps avoid that bloated, uncomfortable feeling.

Cooking risotto can seem daunting to some, but we hoped to inspire people by showcasing some of the many ways risotto can be served. The menu featured risotto in all but one course, even in the dessert!

5 Course Taster Menu

Anise lamb with olive risotto and Parmesan tuille

Duck with sweet and sour peppers

3 cereali spaghetti with ventreche, parmesan and parsley

Morel and wild garlic canaroli with peas and pancetta

Stone bass with risotto nero, chargrilled squid and courgettes


Rice Pudding

Rice and pasta dishes are notorious for being heavy on the stomach but this evening really showed off both ingredients with finesse.

The evening finished with a beautifully light and creamy rice pudding which was complimented by the refreshing taste of CELIA lager – a perfectly indulgent finish to a wonderful evening.

We highly recommend a visit to The Truscott Arms - experts in creating a menu that is unique and innovative and full of gluten-free goodies including beef shin chips and Trealy Farm boudin noir scotch egg.